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Argent Labs Broadcasts at the NASA Championships

Greg G.

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The following information was sent to me by Argent Labs. I have approved the use of these broadcasts during the ST Sessions at the Championships. However, there are other classes mixed together with ST, and you will need to check with the Race Director of your run group at the Driver's meeting to ensure that the broadcasts will take place.



Fellow 2007 NASA National Championships Competitor:


Argent Lab is pleased to announce that we will be providing your run group with an Information Broadcast for your race sessions during this 2007 running of the NASA National Championships. The goal of our broadcast is to offer the driver additional information pertaining to track conditions. Our broadcast is similar to having a crew chief but we will be providing you with 3 on-track spotters and 1 person in race control to relay details as needed. Tested by race groups in Texas, California, and the Inaugural NASA Nationals in 2006, this broadcast has proven very helpful and desirable by participating drivers.


The On-Track Information Broadcast is to be understood as a secondary means to relay miscellaneous information to the driver. The flag system is and will remain the primary means of on-track communication and it is the responsibility of the driver to see and respond to flags appropriately. Monitoring the broadcast does not relieve the driver of any responsibility to be aware of his surroundings and current flag conditions. We can not guarantee the delivery, timeliness, or accuracy any messages relayed over the information broadcast. It is a means to receive additional information only, nothing more. With that said, drivers who don’t participate almost always wish they had. There is a perceived advantage to having the additional information at your disposal. We try to keep messages short and useful to the drivers. Example: "Spin driver’s right… turn 6" repeat “Spin driver’s right… turn 6â€

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