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Things Learned at this Years Championship


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Danny, Thanks for the tire insight, after the fact. I know TR Glenn waited until after the event to fill me in on my tire choice as well. It would not have changed the out come, but I might of had some race for you. It took a full 8+ laps for the tire to start to work, but I was out by then.


I struggle to out run Patric car in a strait line. He actually out qualified my by 1 tenth the first day I ran the car. He was nice enough to lift for me going into turn 7 (5) on the start of the second race.


You are right Pfadt, you and I should have been racing together all week. I made some mistakes and plan to be back next year. I plan to see more of you this season. I don't plan to wait until the championship to race with you again.


Do you race at other tracks besides Mid-Ohio? I want to get a core group of racers together throughout the season and bring up the level of competition in all of the regions. As Bob mentioned RA would be a fantastic venue for us!

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I know I am a little late getting in on the thread, but after coming across it again I though I would bring it back to its subject: Things Learned at this Years Championship (2007)


There were a lot of things on the list for me, but the biggest things were:


- running used slicks may be affordable, but doesn't help at championships heheh

I was running used slicks that I pay like $75 a tire, but they are a big ? in terms of condition.

Taking a 50+ hp hit to run slower tires is not the way to go LOL. Kinda the same situation you were in Kevin, taking a big HP hit for tires that do not really gain you any more grip.


- come with the proper gearing, and stock gears just do not cut it. A good dyno sheet number meas nothing if your car doesn't use it. After doing some math we figured out why almost every car was out accelerating me in the straights (even some ST2 cars), it was because I would drop to like 280 HP on every shift from the tall stock gears. I need to get proper gear ratios to compete at nationals in my yellow tinker toy


According to my GPS data, the cars lateral traction and braking were solid, just need to change the gearing to use the cars power band and it should be a more competitive car.... now the driver just needs to step it up


Looking forward to seein ya all again at nationals!!!





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>>As Bob mentioned RA would be a fantastic venue for us!


I would love it if you guys came out to Road America!!!


August 1-3 2008 • Road America (Great Lakes-Midwest Crossover Event)

(+2 Hour Enduro)

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Hey Damian,


Brand new "Sprint Slicks" probably could bridge the gap. Not used or the VRL ones I was running. I am not sure a slick could out pace the Hossier As.


Nice pics, could you photo shop me down about 25lbs!

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Hello Ryan, I am glad you can instruct the event. These first few are always challenging.


What do I need? You to fix your ride and make all of the events and Brady to stop Jack-assing around with the miata.

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Hand over one of those "chebby" motors you thought I should drop in and I'll be there. Actually, motor is at machine shop waiting to see what he suggests...fill you in at the track. Hopefully I can make 2nd event...

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