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Snowshoe Hillclimb


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Hey Jim,


What credentials do we have to have to participate in the Snowshoe Hillclimb in August? I am currently in hpde 3. I am just wondering if that is enough....do you think a Miata will MAKE it up the hill.......



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Ray Colbert

I have not seen anything more about this event on the Website. I noted that the date Snow Shoe has for this event is Sept 4-5 not Aug 28 and 29.


How is this event being run (class structure and driver reqs.)? I have been running SCCA Hillclimbs in PA for 4 or 5 years now and I want to run this event. I have nomex, SCCA approved roll structure in car, full harness, and SA 95 Helmet. Will I qualify? The car is a street legal Porsche 550 Spyder Replica.

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Sorry for the lack of information, we are still working out the details!


Suffice it to say - you will need to be at least HPDE3 and full race gear, cage, suit, etc. and it will be the backside of Snowshoe's hill on a new road. We will run it like SCCA Solo I and PA Hillclimbs. The hill is very twisty and at times VERY fast, but there is little runoff either side of the road so a cage is necessary.


We will use NASA-X TT classes/rules - and if enough of our club racing classes sign up we'll separate them as well. After we finish the event this coming weekend at Road Atlanta we'll be concentrating on the August events!


More to come...

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