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Rule 15.2.3 - steering shaft


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Hi there. I am building a road race C4 to play with in my spare time. I do not have enough time to dedicate to run an entire series, but I decided to build a safe track car anyway with an eye towards rules in series I could run in. I was mainly concerned with SCCA ITE in the SF-region here in NorCal. A buddy of mine is doing quite well with his late model Camaro and I'd like to join in the fray from time to time.


I was just about to go in a certain direction on the steering column and read rule 15.2.3 with some concern: Steering shaft must be stock.


I was planning to use an aftermarket colapsible race unit. I have two main reasons for ditching the stock column:

1. it's very heavy, probably on order of 40lbs

2. the tilt mechanism is worn which creates much up/down play in the wheel.


I could modify my approach and use the stock shaft ripped out of the column and sleeve the section that used to be the tilt U-joint, but this will probably be more work than going with the race hardware. I see no benefit in using the stock shaft vs. an aftermarket shaft other than staying within the VVC rules, which I would like to do.


Any comments?



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