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Greg G.

How TT Rules Are Written/Revised....

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Greg G.

I was asked to post this in a separate thread. I wrote it in another thread in response to some questions of the rules writing and revision process.


1) I get your e-mails all year long with rules change suggestions.

2) I get e-mails and comments from TT and PT Directors all year long with rules change suggestions.

3) I solicit rules change suggestions from TT/PT Directors, and the National Executives before we begin the revision process.

4) All suggestions are kept in a file until revision time, and then opened up and reviewed together with various NASA Executives.

5) All of the National Executives and I discuss the desired direction and "strategy" that will help to improve and build both series in the future.

6) The suggestions are reviewed, and the ones that are viable possibilities are closely scrutinized. Hours of research are sometimes done to determine how a possible change will effect multiple cars differently. Various persons that I use as technical consultants are often then asked for their opinions, and to look for loopholes in the potential change(s).

7) The language of any rule change is then initially written by me.

8) Once this process is completed for all possible rule changes, the first revision is sent out for review by National executives, and sometimes select TT Directors that have been with the program for years. I suppose in a sense, you could consider them the TT/PT Rules Committee.

9) All comments and suggested changes to the first revision are then considered, and rules are re-written, and then go back to the exec's. This process goes on until there is consensus between me (National TT/PT/ST Director), and the NASA National executives. There are often five or more revisions before we are all satisfied.

10) The nearly completed package is sent to the NASA Executive Director, who then makes his own comments and recommendations, or approves the Rules as delivered. If necessary, all of us then conference on any proposed changes that the Exec. Director is proposing, and once we all come to a consensus, the rules are approved and finalized.

** During this process, if there are any proposed rule or base class changes that would effect the car(s) that I drive, they are scrutinized more closely by the NASA Executives than any other car model. There is no favoritism given to one car over any other car, but whatever car I'm driving at the time is probably the most scrutinized of any car out there. At my request, and for the benefit of the series in the future, the changes in '07 to the base classing system, took much of the subjective nature of the base classing out of the hands of those assigning base classes.

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