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Next Enduro- The 3 Hours of Willow Springs!

Tim Comeau

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Will Sampson Communications try to defend their E2 Championship Points position? Or will the slower Comeau Racing Enterprises Porsche effort leave them wanting for a bigger gas tank? What about the Nissan Sentra SE-R's ?

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You bet, Shawn!


Cochise, do you want to take my picture now?! Or we can wait til the podium ceremony........when I'm on top of the podium and you're in the third spot, a little lower than Shawn. The top of your head will make a good spot to support my big ol' trophy!!



Flame suit on!

BTW, What are you driving? Please don't say a 2005 Porsche 911 RSR............

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No need to wear the flame suit.


We're going to run the #19 H4 CRX. A buddy of mine that drives for our Grand Am team is coming out. I'll be doing the strategy and splitting the driving with him. You can have the E2 podium. We're going for the overall one.



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