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The GTS website is undergoing some major updates to bring it to life. Although it is operational, it will be changing daily, so, some of what you see will stay, some will be gone tomorrow (or the next day if you will)


Please list a number of items that you find important and would be drawn to the website for on a regular basis. We do not want a complicated website, but we want to provide exactly what our group wants to see and have available.



Regional Schedules


Links to required decals, forms, registration, Regions, Forums etc.

Manufacturers contingencies and forms

Sponsors (for the website)

Sponsors (for the series

Pictures and Images

Driver/Car Info pages broken down into class (all regions)



Current Points Database

+ Your Ideas!!!


Also, we need someone from each region to step up, follow the weeknd action and write a paragraph or two outlining the events, both for the website and to be included in GRM Magazine and the racesite.com.

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The home page picture should include an amalgamation of the 5 major brands of the German market - VW, Audi, BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes (or can we stage something at Nationals?).


I think everything that you listed should be included in the site, as well as a news section (scrolling or banners on the front page?). Along with the points section, previous years' winners from each region and nationals should be included. I also think that sponsor should be identified as national or regional level sponsors, as well as including their level of sponsorship or what their sponsorship provides the competitors.


I think the Regional Series Director should be responsible for the post event write-ups.


My $.02.

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Hey Guys, I am not doing the website design, I am just working with someone local to me (my restaurant website designer). I just know Mark has been ridiculously busy and the GTS website was waaaaaay back on the back burner. We need to have a good, solid, professional appearance, important for 1st impressions to the curious, and we obviously have a need for concise, up to date information for all of us that already are involved (addicted).


There soon will be a link requesting GTS driver information, similar to what we did a few years back Name, Car, Number, Class, Region, Email, Picture. I hope to be able to display a database that divides us by Class with Name/Picture, click on for more info, all regions inclusive.


If you have a business that appeals to the needs of GTS, please step up for some website advertising. Contact Mark about this, [email protected]


We will try to have links to all tracks that NASA races at, so that track specific info can be sought.


Ian, thanks, and yes, we are trying to figure out how to recognize Champions, National and Regional. Some of this gets kind of fuzzy with the regions that have low participation at the moment. Keep the ideas coming.


Once this is built, it will be turned over to Mark to maintain, so we cannot create a code nightmare. Keep that in mind.


Lastly, your National Coordinator himself, took that fine shot of us coming up to the Carousel at MO, and yes, we are all tired of seeing Scott and Sean ( ), but until one of you provides us with a better action shot that depicts the spirit of GTS, this one will be the main header. (Now you have a mission). Any good multi-car action shots can be sent to me at [email protected].

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Jeez. Couldn't you have at least photoshopped Berkowitz out so we could see my car?


Man it's a tough crowd !! Why not pick on Sean T. John, that would actually be Sasha, since it was 4/06 and you were in GTS-3 and the old car starting 10th.....



First it was the Championships site, now it's the GTS Challenge website. Must we always see Berkowitz up front?


Nice job by the way Carl.


Hey Graber, I don't pick em, so don't blame me !!


Thanks to Mark and Carl for all the work



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You're right! I thought I could see barely see yellow and a wing behind your car. I see me back there in the white car now. I did not realize they went back to the microfiche archives for the photo.


On another note, I think Joe maybe ready to rebuild that 993 into a clone of Sasha's car. I may help him out so I can run a race in GTS3 late this year (fingers crossed). I think he's made up his mind to forego PCA stock class to hopefully be more competitive in NASA.

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I was just rereading the Rules page. GTSU is still listed despite several posts here stating that GTSU no longer exists. Also, somebody should spell/grammar check the Rules page (and probably others).

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Great job with the website, i truly appreciate the time and effort that was put into...... 2 thumbs up





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Great work Carl. I enjoy visiting it every week or so and see whats new.


Maybe a section featuring top 3 of each class - drivers and cars, from Nationals.


Maybe a small point, but for the GTS class stickers, some direction on where they should go on the car.


If you need help, just ask.

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