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Don't forget: Setup on SPEED tonight at 8pm!


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Great job guys!

I just watched the show and there were more than a handful of NASA drivers in the mix.






...any others I might of missed?

(Melinda should have been on that show...she's prettier than the co-host or any of the other female competitors.)


-=- Todd


PS- Here's to NASA goin' 2 for 2 in Setup Championships!

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Does anybody else think it was a BIG DEAL that Kendal picked Skeen for Geiko...... just goes to show that no one can pick a REAL driver better then another REAL driver.


Way to go Skeen!!!!!!

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It also looks like Skeen had the pole on the first race. how was that determined? My guess is that it wasn't random.


Probably just like TT (and every other form of racing....). Fastest time in practice/qual. session.

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Mike "Junior" Johnson and Kevin Detiz have both won SCCA / tirerack National AX titles, I'm dont sure about the nasa AX stuff though


Yeah, I knew that much, but I'm pretty sure Mike runs NASA-MA stuff too.

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