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I'm an SCCA racer who has heard alot of good things about NASA. Well run, lots of track time etc. I race a COrvette Z06 in the T1 class(basically a stock Z06). I would like to run in the vette/viper challenge but they told me there are no cars there yet, so I would have to run in the SU class. Since this is an unlimited class I'm concerned I'm just gonna run around at the back of the pack.

What types of cars and lap times have shown up in this class??? My best lap time at Road Atlanta is low 1:37's. Does SU run w/other groups or just by itself???

Also, how much track time do yopu actually get in a weekend like this???

I can't find any schedules.


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Hi, welcome to the NASA-SE forum!


Typically for racing, there is a practice session (25 min), qualifying session (20 min) and a race (~20 min) per day, so 2x for the weekend (Sat and Sun). If youa re referring to HPDE, typically each group (1-4) gets ~130 total minutes of track time in the sked per weekend, although sometimes the higher-level groups are combined. If the Aug Road Atlanta sked isnt up yet, it should be very shortly.


For more info you can ask Jim Pantas, the Regional Director, directly. Hope to see you in August at RA!

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Jim will around in a bit to answer your questions.


My personal opinion is that if you have run with SCCA for any length of time, you are going to love NASA. You do not get all the BS with this group and they LOVE American made cars.





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