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Looking for driver for the 25Hours


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we are looking for some funded drivers.

We usually run Mazdas but we may have other opportunities. So we are looking for drivers interested in running the 25hours.

We plan to have 5 to 6 drivers.

As far as the car, we can run either an EX IMSA GTU that run the daytona 24hours (http://images.realride.com/cgi-bin/imageFolio.cgi?direct=laguna-seca-May04/Mazda-display) we have multiple other car (porsche) all the way to the spec miata.

The budget will depend on what type of car we agree to run, any where from$2k to 5k per drivers.

So let me know if any body is seriuos.



[email protected]



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Team RNR is possibly looking to pick up two funded drivers for our 2004 25 Hour effort. The car is the #11 Civic coupe which will be competing in the E2 class. It was featured in the June issue of Sport Compact Car in the article, High Octane Insomnia.


This is the same car that won the E2 class & took 2nd overall in the 2002 12 Hours of Thunderhill (no 25 Hour that year). In 2003, we were laying 2nd in class & 10th overall @ hour 23 until a mechanical sidelined us for an hour. You would be joining a experience enduro team made up of (5 drivers total) motivated team players. The car will be well prepared & supported.


We have tasted the top step of the podium. We hunger for more. How about you?


Mike [email protected]


Added in edit: Thanks to all of those who have expressed interest in running with us. We have filled all the driver positions. I am both pleased & gratified to have recieved the number of inquiries from such quality drivers. More info regarding Team RNR's 2005 25 Hour effort will be coming. Thanks again, Mike

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