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Age of five point harness?


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I know that in many forms of racing the age of the belts is checked... For the HPDE, is the age of the belts (in the case a five point harness) checked? If so, how old is the belt allowed to be before it must be replaced?



Big Al

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NE Director Joe is right- I mistakenly deleted his post, but the CCR states:


"11.4.8 Seatbelts and Harnesses.

The seatbelts used should be in good condition. No damage may be present on the seatbelts and they must be factory configuration. Any harness or any restraint system, other than factory stock, shall conform to CCR section #15.5, in all respects except for the expiration regulations. Harnesses that are expired for racing may be used providing that they are in at least very good condition. Lap belts used without any shoulder restraints are not permitted."

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