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sunroof delete


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hello all,

i am building a car to compete with nasa/gts and am in the process

of removing the glass sunroof to install a lighter and safer alternative.

nasa allows a non-metallic panel but i am contemplating whether or not

i should go with a carbon fiber insert or rivet/bolt an aluminum skin instead.

does nasa at some point plan on changing the rule on the type of material

allowed? any objections and opinions on what is prefered or best used?



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so far the plan is to run only with nasa. seems like to rules are slowy being changed/updated to improve safety.


the car is a audi s4.


l am leaning towards an aluminum skin. peace of mind and not having to do it twice.

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Hrm. I think the only place you can race is NASA anyways, so no conflicts w/ BMWCCA, etc.


If you run GTS I doubt there will be any issues with the type you replace with.

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Just make sure it complies with the NASA CCR. While GTS rules all almost any modification, the car must first pass a NASA safety ytech according to NASA rules.

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