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Professional and funded drivers looking for 25 hour rides.


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I've been getting a lot of inquiries from some Grand Am Cup drivers looking to run the 25 Hour this year. Three drivers that drove for our GAC effort last year are definitely interested as are a few others. A lot of these guys don't have NASA connections so they're coming to me. I originally approached them with a plan to run the CRX and they were interested because it's a car that's competitive in its class and also a car that's gonna start and finish without some 2 hour pit stop. A lot of the allure though is based on the complete mystery of how someone like myself can be in contention for the 1004 WCHC H4 driver's championship after having never driven a FWD car before. A team that’s well prepared and well organized with a good strategy can do well in a race like the 25 hour…just look at our effort from the 3 hour at Willow in July with our 5th overall finish. This is not a way to cover the expenses to run an overtuned and tired former World Challenge BMWs that are going to break 6 hours in. These are very fast drivers that are willing to put real money in because they're expecting a good product. Please email me with any information.


Much thanks in advance.



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