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technical Q for the track rats about bedding brake pads...


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i just bought a used set of DS2500's for the STi - fronts with 75% pad leftover.


i have two HPDE dates set at Pocono with NASA this Saturday and Sunday.


i'm thinking maybe i'll run with the stock pads day 1 or at least 1/2 of day 1 as long as i can bed the pads between runs.


is there a good way to bed a pad during an event? i've seen people swap pads mid-event, but never done it myself.


i can either bed the pads on the way to the event tomorrow morning or Sunday morning as well if that would be better - it's a 40 mile drive with ample braking along the way. plenty of opportunity to properly bed them so they are going to be a non-issue during the event.



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I don't think I understand your question. A 40 mile trip is not the way to brake in your pads. Here is Carbotech's Suggestion for bedding on the street and at the track.





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