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Cancel Enduro at Willow Springs


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Is there any word if this event will be made up or changed to another location and time?


We regret to inform our members that the Aug 9 & 10 event at Willow Springs Raceway is cancelled. Low entries and input from members have suggested a needed break so we can come back strong and refreshed to finish the season in October and November. However, we are pleased to report that 32 SoCal racers are already entered to compete in the Mid Ohio National Championship event and more are expected. We wish our drivers great success and look forward to seeing you soon!


Kind regards,


Ryan Flaherty

Regional Director

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I had emailed Ryan about rescheduling when I first heard. He was going to talk to Jerry Kunzman about it.


They were also disappointed with the turnout at the 6 Hour. And considering the expected lack of turnout for Willow Springs which caused it to be canceled entirely, so far it doesn't look likely. And the only options for having an enduro are during the Oct 11 or Nov 8 weekends. The problems with those weekends is they're 2 weeks before and after the October 26 enduro at Infineon, respectively.


I'd love to have the enduro Nov 8 regardless of the proximity to the other enduro.


And the more support for rescheduling the better. Email Ryan at [email protected]

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