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Tim, Any news yet?


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Yep. Thanks.

Elise Nicole Comeau

racing # 00

5 lbs, 15 oz.

Born Aug 25, 2004 at 2:27pm

Everything is all there and in the right places. Kathy's fine too.

We're very happy.

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Start the training now Tim. Start early, begin with the basics and work up from there. You know, dishes, remote, beer from fridge, work up to wash the car, make me dinner etc.


Kidding man, kidding. Congrats that you still have good swimmers after wearing that womans suit for so long. We were worried it was cutting off circulation to your brain? Turns out it was only to the umm... big head so to speak! Good Job spanky.



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Congrats Tim & Kathy!!


According to Hospital records Elise Nicole:

1) Started labor "1st."

2)"Right "foot came out first and weighed an amazing 5 lbs.

3)Was born at 9:44 (somewhere in the world?)

4)Was "1st." to cry.

5)Was "1st." to go home.

6)And cried when "Dad" early apexed the 1st. turn out of the hospital.


Welcome Elise Nicole !!

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