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Next race is at Willow in 2 weeks!

Tim Comeau

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Nope can't do 3 weekends in a row!!

How are you going to be able to go with a new baby at home?? If my wife was pregnant I would be selling my car let alone going racing so soon!! You're a LUCKY man!!

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Rumor has it I won't be attending the Sept. 11-12 event at Willow Springs......................

Somebody else can get on the podium and win the tire money?

Will Eric get on the podium with some help from his new engine?

How will some of the newcomers shake up the points standings?

I'm looking for good things from some of our new drivers who are crossing over from other classes or series.

For the win...........my money's on one of 4 drivers: Benbow, Scott, Yousko, Grow. They've all shown good speed. I'm not sure how Rea will show.........

But, Wilberding got on the podium this year, too.

Foley and Spargo were putting in chips and shorter 5th gears which will make them seconds faster..................I don't know guys...................

You'd better come back with some good video!

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