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Hot 924 on 924S on 944 action! Live Videos!


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This is the third time I've tried to view the top 3 videos and I keep getting the same symbol. First, I get the Quicktime symbol, then it changes to a piece of ripped video tape. Does that mean the clip is damaged? I could view the other ones quickly, without problem. I have a cable connection, 1 gHZ CHIP AND 896 mb of RAM.

I see some of the video clips are gone now?

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LOL! Yeah, I'll probably clean up and paint wheels next year; at that point I'll run ITB, and will switch back to the stock 15x6 spiderweb rims (7"s not allowed in ITB, only ITA).


I did remove some of the video clips - the old ones - in cleaning up my website. The problem you're having viewing the ones you've downloaded is probably a problem with not having the latest drivers, etc. Might try downloading a new copy of Flash, or try MS MediaPlayer.


Glad you guys like them!

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