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1988 RX7 GXL - Excellent School Car - Many Extras


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My wife says that I can only have one car in the driveway, so I am selling my Truck and this 2nd Gen and getting a BMW M3 for teaching. I only drive the RX7 at the NASA schools (I teach Group 3 HPDE). It runs like a top and goes around the track like it's on rails. I think it does have a 3rd gear synchro going downshifting at speed from 4th to 3rd. I am open to crediting back $$$$ if that is the case.


I am asking $3,995.00 for the car. It is a great daily driver and a wonderful HPDE car.


Check it out at http://www.pro7racing.com/rx7forsale.htm


138,000 miles


2 Sets of wheels and tires

1 set of Toyo Proxes RA1's 215x50x16's on custom Eagle 7 1/2" Rims

1 set of Goodyear TA 205x50x15's on stock Mazda 7" Rims


Racing Beat Silencer (adds about 25 horsepower) - Stock catalytic also


K & N Air Cleaner (adds about 5 horsepower)


Harness Bar with new 5 point harness belts


Beautiful Leather seats out of 2nd Gen Convertible


Sun Roof


Hot Lap Timer (with transponder)


Video Camera Mount for harness bar

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