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New red car # 24 dyno results

Tim Comeau

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I did a run with the:

1. glass pack muffler on.

2. No air filter in the stock OPEN air box.


Then did a run with the stock paper airfilter in place, airbox still open.


Very slight (half a hp) GAIN with the paper filter in place. By the readings, it seems to restrict airflow a little more because the air/fuel ratio richened up a little... Max hp was 138-139 range. Ambient temp was 81 degrees F.


Then, we put on a stock 944 muffler and the peak power dropped 5 hp to 134.2. At this point, ambient temp for this run is unknown, but it was at 5 pm, so it wasn't hot outside. I'm still in the "normal power" window, but now the car is quiet enough to run at the stadium. I'm ok with that.

Both muffler systems are now "slip fit" for quick change. I'll probably keep the stock muffler on for sprint races in our class, then switch to the Glass pack for enduros. Both are legal, but in keeping with the "equal cars" philosophy, I like the 134 hp figure better.

Fair enough?

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Your car was strong on the straight as SOW. There was only one time when I pulled up to your bumper and had to lift. In that instance it was due to exit speed (and the illegal throttle cam) rather than power difference. I would say Mike's #69 car has the same power as yours, 165 at the steering wheel!


Welcome to the cheaters club. We meet monthly and tell lies. You're invited to attend. We won't tell anyone!!!



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But, but, but guys, how can I become a member! I mysteriously dropped a few hp somewhere between the stutter and full cat/muffler combo to the now which is no stutter, cat or stock muffler? Go figure, that damn stutter I had was worth about 4-5 hp. Better go get it back?




p.s. Congrats on setting the bar for the SOW track record Mr. Sorensen. I look forward to coming out later in the year and beating it. DOH!!!

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Neal your on when and where do we meet? Dilly you'll just have to try and keep up. With better tires and some more fine tuning of my line and suspension you'll have your hands full. 1:17's next time for sure and maybe into the 16's.

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