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Next weekend at Willow


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Let's try to get organized so we can get a good pit area together. I am going to try and come out Friday night and at least drop the trailer off.


I can't seem to get a solid answer on how late the track entrance will stay open on Friday night. Does anyone know for sure? Last time we scrambled to set-up as a group on Saturday morning.


If I leave Manhattan Beach around 8p, it should take me a little over 2hours depending on how much traffic thins out.



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Jason, try the track directly? 661.256.2471

There's a small pedestrian only gate to the left of the main gate, if you need to get in there and throw some cones up to mark the 944-spec territory.

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I'll be driving up Friday afternoon so I will probably get there before the gates close (whenever that is) I'm hoping that we can all gather in our usual spot between the garages and the snack bar.

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You will get up there b4 me, if you turn right at the 2nd drive past the entrance there should be enough pavement for all of us. We pitted mostly in the dirt last time, right next to the small garage on the right of the entrance.


I will have the enclosed with the awning and also have some kiwi tiles (interlocking plastic). I pulled them out of my dealership parking area and I can put them out to reserve more room for some of the guys on Saturday.

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