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****OFFICIAL GTS CHallenge 2008 Championship INFO****


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This thread will be the number one place to keep up on all the important things you need to know regarding GTS at the Championships. Feel free to post questions in this thread.


Here are somethings to expect to see in the next few weeks.


I will be completing the Supplemental Regulations for the event. They will be available for download on the website and I will attempt to email to all entrants. Anything in the Supps are to be treated as rules and will be enforced.


I will also be making a form that must be completed by all entrants and turned into me at the track. This form will used to declare all engine management info concerning each race car. This form must be as accurate as possible. Every data port, switch, ecu, computer, boost controller, etc.... in your car must be listed along with their use and capabilities. Every car will be inspected at some point during the event. If something is found during inspection that was not declared on the form, there will be penalties handed out that will directly effect your race on Sunday! The forms will be available with in a week. There will be no exceptions to this process. This will also be grounds for a protest by a competitior. Details on the protest procedure will be available with the declaration form.


The GTS Challenge Headquarters/paddock area/"bier garten" will be here:


If you plan to be one of the first people at the track, please help rope off this area. two of the grass sections should be plenty of room. Thank you.


The 13/13 rule will be in place at the Championships, but 13/13 penalties will not be handed out at the event. NASA penalties will be issued as NASA sees fit. Probation periods will be handed out after the event. However, if you are currently under a 13/13 probation, and found by NASA to be at fault in a metal to metal, your weekend is done! Also, if you are found to be a fault in metal to metal that causes the other entrant to miss any on track session, you will be sitting out every session that the he/she sits out. (This info will be in the Supps) In 2006 and 2007 there was way too much contact and this should help put an end to it.


Please do NOT use this thread as a place to debate anything posted here. Email me directly with any concerns or suggestions. My goal is to make the Championships fun, fair and safe for each and every one of the entrants.


Thank you, Mark

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Here are the supps, protest procedures and engine management declaration forms.







protest procedures




If any of these documents change, i will post those changes here. and update the documents. Any changes made during the week prior to the event, will be announced at a drivers meeting.

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A post from another thread:


If my experience is any guide, bring a hammer and a crow bar in the trailer....


No, bring your brains, not just your balls! This stuff will not be tolerated this year.


****Warning***** Don't be the first one to cause an incident....an example will be made of you.


The past two regional events at Mid Ohio have gone very well. In fact, I didn't have to deal out any 13/13 rulings. I expect this trend to continue as GTS regains it reputation of good, smart, clean racing.


While I'm on my soap box.......This is a gentle reminder to the drivers the faster GTS cars that will be lapping the slower cars. Don't forget that the drivers of the slower cars are always told to race their line so that they are predictable and that the fast cars will make the clean pass. This will be discussed at length in a drivers meeting.

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I will be arriving Wednesday evening. I plan to setup the GTS Headquarters and attend a meeting on Wednesday. Thursday morning I will be at the track around 7:30 am. Please come and see me with all your paperwork as soon as possible. I would like to have everyone signed in by lunch on thursday. I will be at the HQ all morning. After lunch, I will be everywhere, but I will try to have my where-abouts posted at HQ at all times. I realize that some of you may not be at the track until later on thursday, and some on Friday morning; if that is you, please come and see me as soon as possible. You can not go on track Friday morning if you have not been to see me.


Because there is a chance of rain at the event, I will be giving everyone a clear plastic ID holder with your car number and minimum weight inside of it. You will have to tape this on the inside of your windshield so that the number are visible from outside the car.


There will be two ways of knowing who is to report to grid after a session. First, you may be given an impound card while on grid before the session. The second is a white board at track exit; I will be placing a 3'x4' white board in the paddock that you will drive by when coming off of the track. Make sure you drive past the sign after everysession on Fri, Sat and Sunday. I can't say that I'll hand out impound cards every session, or put something on the white board every session, so make sure you check the sign. If you are not sure if you should goto impound, then go. Better safe than sorry!


There will be a mandatory GTS Driver's Meeting at the GTS HQ on Friday morning at 10:30. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THIS MEETING TO BRING YOUR PAPERWORK AND SIGN IN!!!! If the time or location of the meeting changes, it will be posted at the HQ when you check in.

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make sure the sign is there before the end of the session as some people, myself included, dont stay out there for a full qual. session!


Also be aware that MidO is closing gates at 6pm on Weds!

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From MO staff about after hour arrivals:


The person arriving before or after registration closes will be required to purchase a refundable ticket when they arrive (at Gate 3). They would be charged $30. They need to go back to the Mid-Ohio registration window when they open the following day. They are refunded their $30 and then can go to the NASA window to get credential.

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My answer came straight from Ryan Flaherty and Mid Ohio. MidOhio only makes registered entrants sit outside while the track is rented by someone else finishing up their day. This always happens with SCCA events on Friday evening since SCCA never rents the track on Friday.

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