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It's confirmed, I'm an idiot!!


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So, let me kick myself in the a$$. I had that Mazda Rev it Up thing this weekend, the National Finals. Now, I have to admit, I went up, completely oblivious about who would be there? Much to my surprise, most guys knew each other from the SCCA Autocross scene. Now, the complete picture of that didn't start to unfold until the weekend transpired. We are talking, as quoted by the winner, "at least 5 of the Nation's Top 10 autocrossers" were in the competition. We are talking, guys who travel the country for the chance at maybe 3 laps on a coned course that, they get to "walk" beforehand! Oh man, this was some serious competition, who knew? These were National Champion Solo ..... here we go, this is better, from the "FRONT PAGE" of the SCCA website;


“Superman” and “The Alien” Headline SCCA Dominated Mazda Rev It Up Championship Field


September 1, 2004 - The struggle between Sports Car Club of America soloists Mark “The Alien” Daddio, Beacon Falls, Conn., and Mike “Superman” King, of Jacksonville, Fla., that emerged during last year’s Mazda Rev It Up National Finals continues anew on Labor Day weekend when these two, and 18 other skilled drivers, face-off at the Rev It Up finals at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.



OK, so, I do my best at converting to front wheel drive, automatic driving. I wasn't stoked with my driving, I made some mistakes with the push and the trying to change gears in the automatic, but I certainly wasn't unhappy with my efforts. I ended day 1 (Sat) unknown as to my standings. Sun morning (today) was the 2 round of the first elimination, taking it from 20 drivers to 10. Well, I was in position 10 with the self exammination that I was driving too hard and needed to back off a little. I ran my first run in the Mazda 3 (Auto) on Sun morning and posted a descent top 10 finish, so far so good. We ran autos all weekend so, finish your run, stick it in park and get out. So, the second run for Sunday that had mixed it up, reverse course of course, but also the introduction of the RX-8, stick! I'm thinking great, rear wheel drive, 200+ hp, a chance to hang it out a bit. Brain fade on the first run had me grabbing for second without the clutch, DOH!! Had been using the manu-shift of the autos all weekend. No problem, back in gear, still run a 31.7, where a 30.?? was a top 10 time and a couple guys pulled 29.???, but only 2 or 3 total. So, me thinks no problem, no mistake this time and a 30.? will keep me in the top 10, which it would have. Finish the run, look at the clock and it's a 31.4, man, I suck. Go to exit the cockpit, look over and think, what's that handle? It was the FREAKIN' E-BRAKE in the up position! DOH!! So, I wonder, would it have made a difference to my time? We got a 11-20th place run-off, 1 lap in each car. Straight of the back in the RX-8 and there's that 30.6 I needed earlier, DOOOOHHHHH!!!!! Ahhh crap, I doubt very much I would have won or even top 3 final, but I think I could have top 10'd. Crapper! Not to be. Anyway, having wheel-to-wheel'd with you guys, I was a bit on the bored side. Great comp for an auto-X guy. If some people wanted to do it next year at a Regional for bragging rights, maybe I could be convinced? If it was me alone, I wouldn't go again. It's not my thing. But great for the auto-x guys. But, I had to laugh at my own stupidity for turning up completely oblivious and thinking I had some chance of winning? It was a tough crowd, but not as tough as you guys! Least I have some experience in the 944 car!!



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My wife did that at her autocross school last year. She was learning to drive a stick back then.


Good shot anyway. PS... I bet you would have smoked them doing wheel to wheel however!

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Poor Dilly.............I would have kicked their iceholes..............I was born on an AX track!

I was proud to have one of our regular class drivers in the finals (just wish it had been me!) You made a go of it. Good on you.

We know you can drive.................

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