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Arizona Calendar for Fall 2004 and Taunt!


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I have posted all the remaining dates we currently have for the rest of the year on the nationial web site http://www.nasaproracing.com (under event registration NOT calendar (fixing that still)). More than likley we will add one more date for 2004.


The Schedule goes like this;


September 18th - 19th Firebird International Raceway - Main Road course

October 15th - 17th - Phoenix International Raceway - Grand Am Course

November 6th - 7th - Firebird International Raceway - Main Road Course

November 26th - 28th - Phoenix International Raceway - Grand Am Course


Both dates at PIR are three day long events!


How about getting the SoCal and the NorCal guy(s) for a showdown?


King of the Desert anyone?


Also I would like to get some help with the spec site, from people in the series, anyone up for it?

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that is a awesome schedule!!! Thanks for all your hard work Joe, I am sure you and ASRA will make this one of the top regions in the country!


Thanks again Joe!!


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Schedule looks great!


Only problem is that I will miss most of those events.


Car not ready for this weekend.

Backpacking trip planned for October

Other Commitments for Early November. (I might be able to change, but doubt it)

BUT ... I am a GO for Thanksgiving Weekend! Woo HOO!



Hey all you California Guys! Thanksgiving weekend is perfect time to race in Arizona!


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It will be tough missing these events. Sept is definitly out. October is tough since I have backpacking trip into the Grand Canyon then. Going with a couple friends. That was the only weekend that work for them and for permits. November? Well I made important commitment to my wife I believe we will be out town. I gotta support my main sponsor Geez! for body!


So that leaves me with Thanksgiving weekend. Eric, yep thanksgiving weekend. Give thanks on Thursday and go racing Fri, Sat, Sunday.


Here is perfect plan Enjoy thanksgiving Thursday with the family. Then pack-up and drive over Friday. Enjoy the track Sat & Sunday with an enduro and be back at work Monday.

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