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Results up for WS event -- On mylaps.com


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Results are up for Willow Springs.

Full results on mylaps.com



I also updated the 944-spec points 'cause we all know that those are the only results that matter.




Congratulations to Jason Wilberding. In july he had two 6th place finishes. Come September he comes back to Willow and comes away with two wins. Good work!


Points standings are looking intersting after 12 races


Yes Timmy is still in the lead, but is down to just over two race gap at 220 points with two events left. Yes Tim can still be overtaken for top spot in this years series!


Jason Wilberding with two strong wins vaults his way 2nd in points with Dylan Scott close on his heals just 70 points back. Pete Yousko drops to 4th in points just 15 behind Dylan "P Dilly" Scott an only 305 behind Series Leader Tim Comeau.


With 400 points still left on the table it is still anyone's race for the Top spot in the Championship as well as a close fight for second and third. Toyo bucks are awared to the top 3 places so not only is pride on the line!


Stay tuned for the next two events at Buttonwillow Oct 9/10 and Nov 13/14.


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Thanks Joe! Again, great work with the website and keeping things updated. Not that it matters much, but I had 2 mechanical/black flag issues at WSIR in the previous 2 weekends. One was when I qualified 2nd only hundredths of seconds behind Dewain and my safety net malfunctioned prior to the start. I made it a few laps holding it down, but finally got black flagged and had to come in an fix it.


I had another issue with a mirror in a previous WSIR race contributing to a really low finish.


Bottom line, it's no excuse...everyone has various mechanical issues throughout the season and races. I was looking at my times since my first time on WSIR and have dropped considerably and am now just working on the consistency.

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Man, you have to love losing EIGHT AND A HALF SECONDS to the leader in just 1 lap! I watched the video last night, I get passed by a faster group of 3 cars going into 9, but then caught behind them trying to run down the straight when they slow in the 3 way battle. Fast forward to half a lap later, still stuck behind the 3 way battle and here goes Benbow around me into 9 and a wall of dust flying across the track (turn 9). Net result, I lose 8.5 seconds to Jason in that lap and 4 or so seconds to Chris B. Not to take anything away from those drivers, because they are both just as fast, it showed in the Practice, Qual and Race times. But hell, I could not have been shafted any harder with fast traffic or class battles. I think Chris experienced traffic hang ups on Sunday, well I know he did. I watched him drop way back and later he mentioned he was stuck behind a slower car which I beleive. I know traffic is a part of racing, I have benefitted and lost out with it. But Saturday was just on the ridiculous side of the equation. There is no room in this series for mistakes or delays, you will fall way behind. I even make ground on Chris on Sat in the video, only to have a fast car pass me in what would normally be a momentum carrying corner. I got passed in 9, 1, 2, top of 4, down into 5, it was just SILLY.


Sunday, what can I say about that? I was battling with an out of class car, which was just stupid. Jason made a great pass, I decided to test his nerve and figured I would pressure him and see if he cuold hold it together? My mistake because he wasn't having any of that. Passing the "out of class" car in 3 and putting them between us for me to get stuck with. I would catch up from 9 to 1 and get slowed through 1, would start going around the non class car in 2 and get held off in 3, lose momentum all the way around to 9. Start the process again. Make up the gap down the straight, go for the pass into 3, get held off and fall back again. DOH!


Now, to note, the battle with the non class car was fun and she (yes a woman) was a great driver, but I would have prefered to battle with Jason. He followed me all weekend in practice and qualifying (probably learning my lines ), I wanted the chance to follow him and race. It made "no sense" battling with this other car, either before or after Jason passed me.


I'll comment and Jason, Chris and Mark's races on the Willow update post.


Confused P. Dilly.

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All I can say is that this is just part of racing. Once we as drivers really settle down and get pretty quick there is not going to be much to sperate one from the other. So given equal cars and similar skills variables like traffic will always play a large role. I have been on both ends have had traffic give me an edge and also having been hosed really badly. I still remember the race at AMP where Paul Bloomberg and I went back and forth for 40 minutes pass and re-passing in traffic. It was all dependant on who got through it better all the while be help up by a BMW 325 that was slow in the corners and fast on the straights. Paul won that round, but is was great contest.


In my last ever race at AMP we were running the short west course. We had all qualfied with in like 1.5 seconds of each other. At the start was able to get in front and ever so slowly pulled about 10-15 second gap to Tim. We ran like 27 laps at 57 sec each so you can see how small the increments were. Then on the second to last lap... I come to put another lap on two slower cars. Then hugh dust cloud up ahead and a local yellow. Dang . I slow way down and stay behing these two for the straight and next corner. As soon as I come out of the local yellow I step out to pass and notice Tim had come out of nowhere to be riding my rear! Man you gotta be careful with Tim he will seak up on you from behind! Anyway the gap that I had slowly built up the entire race was gone because of slower traffic and me not want to pass under a local yellow. I get lucky in that he did not pass me, but that next lap was interesting! Tim never really slowed down since he had not cars in front of him and the car that went off got back on and dust settled.


So alot can happen in traffic. Some of it is based in luck and where it catches you our where you catch it. Some is based on how skill fully you can get through it so that it does not kill you momentum. In reality its one of fun parts of racing. How can you USE traffic to hose the next guy!

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I just watched Dylan's video last night. I made a couple of big passes and was fortunate to use the cars to my advantage. It seemed like a car was there with me carrying enough speed every time to screw Dylan up. I had one pass where I rode the inside of turn 2 on a honda...we couldn't have been more than a few inches from each other and I had 2 wheels toying with the dirt.


I got bad starts both days and had to work my way through traffic. Dylan and I talked last night and he wasn't expecting me to make my pass on Sunday in turn 1....I won't be able to get away with that one again.

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Fur sure Mr. Paluch. The traffic was odd this weekend compared to last and I'm not sure what was different? That last weekend we raced each other. This weekend, seemed to be about letting other class battles pass? Well, Saturday was that way. Sunday was just a single car in the middle of the mix, with the same variables you mentioned, fast in opposite parts of the track to us. Lap times were similar, top speed was slower, but that 3-400 pounds less in the RX7 (10 or so hp less) made for varying speeds. Jason did drive a masterful race though (both days), I think he's been reading up? He better live it up while he can!

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One of these days I'll actually finish a race, then you'll all be in trouble


Seriously, just the running the start on Saturday was fun since I got a good start and passed the Miatas. I wish I my car was working right- it would have been fun to try and keep in front of them.

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