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2005 rules - frame notching


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Just for clarification there are three cars that have made this modification, not one.


I see rules written that DEFINITELY are written to accomodate one type of suspension or another (cutting the floor for a three link comes to mind) and all of a sudden everyone is against doing that. Very interesting.


Why not just not allow IRS altogether? There are only a few people running it anyway and we certainly don't want to go down that "slippery slope". That's the same slope we went down to accomodate Grigg's WC arms (for a couple cars) and also custom pieces(when we were only allowed to run over the counter parts and some people were running the prototype MM K-member). Also the same "slippery slope" we went down to accomodate the few cars that had three links through the floor (yet only a couple of other people). Yep...don't want to go any further down that slope do we....... Why don't we just deem all of these types of modifications illegal and start over again. Sure it may create some hardship but in the end it will be good for everyone.....right? While I'm at it lets require everyone to have stock dashes by the first race of 2005 (I figured I was on a roll Scott so I'd get that one in for you!)



One thing that I believe that Chuck is completely wrong about is that it IS NASA's responsibility to look at any contigencies being offered to the drivers to determine if they are legal or not. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not there is an implied legality there that has been there for a year now. By not allowing the frame to be notched you cannot use the upper arms (We are not going to run the car at the stock ride height). If we cannot use the upper arms then we do not have the complete rear IRS package as outlined in the KB Contigency. If we don't have all the parts then we don't qualify for the Contigency. If that's the case the Contigency is taking up useless webspace because no one with a KB IRS qualifies.


At this point I could really care less. If the car is illegal then fine. It's not being changed and we'll run open track events with it or find another series to run it. That's not a threat by any stretch but I'm honestly tired of dealing with this......

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Chuck, are you currently doing any development work to improve the performance of the Ford IRS?


If the answer is yes I have a few questions that I would like to ask you concerning manufacturability, design and other issues that are directly related to this thread. I won't waste time/space here until I hear back from you.




Brian Tone

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Looks like we've reached the end of useful discussion here. Locked and let's move on as I think we now know where everyone stands.


Thanks to all of you for the time and attention paid to this issue.



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