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Great things happening in 944-Spec.

Tim Comeau

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I keep getting inquiries from interested drivers. I keep getting questions about how to build the cars..............

2005 is going to see this class explode!

We have fresh leadership and enthusiasm in the PHX Group, with a whole different approach towards marketing our class, and racing in general out there.

We're working towards an eventual rules merger between 944-spec and Spec-944 in the PHX area. That will really swell the starting grids of 944 RACERS at many more venues........We all just want to race together!

SoCal continues to add names to our list. If we could only get all of our drivers licensed and get all the cars finished.......then show up at the same event! WOW!

Our 944 RACERS within the Porsche Owners Club have been spreading the word and that small group is expanding too! Glen Uslan at AUTOSPORT in Oxnard is building another chassis for yet another customer.

This is all very encouraging you guys.............

Our promotional effort is starting to avalanche. It's moving under its own power now, and we should all feel some degree of reward and satisfaction.

Beer's on me!

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Holy Crap! The new management crew in Phoenix has offered us 944-spec racers a $50 discount on entry fees when we come to their events!

More good news........

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