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944-Spec Dyno Updates


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Hey guys,

I have added a new feature to my 944-spec page.

I added in a combined dyno chart from all the folks that have provided me charts. 6 charts over 5 cars.


If you just look at the peaks you see a range of 129 to 138 HP, but if you look at the curves you see that a peak of 138 does not translate into a power gain over the entire rev band. Over the entire rev band different motors are strong or weaker.


One other thing to note. Tim's Convit car orginally dynoed at 133 rwhp and reciently dynoed at 129 hp. So Tim lost 4 hp? right? Well not so fast. His entire curve seems to be down 2-4 hp. Hmm could that be in the dyno error? Maybe.



Here is the link Enjoy http://members.rennlist.com/m758/944SpecDynoCharts.htm

Oh... Also included the excel spread sheet with all the details too.

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I'm also hoping my HP figures are not the new reason for my unreliability issues. The old saying of "To finish first you must first finish. So off to see what went wrong this time.

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Guys any and all dyno sheets are apperciated. Jim, I sent you my email. No you don't have to tell me HOW you got there, but it is nice to know what the curves look like.


Example is Eric's Curve. Very normal from 3000 to 5000 yet it keeps strong he peaks at 138 rwhp as compared to the others at 131 +/- 2.



It is also great so show that power is not what these cars are about. Driver is what these cars are about.

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I'm not running that weekend as it's the wife's birthday. As for POC points out of 2 events I've had 2 DNS. Laguna I had the fuel rail crack due to vibrations from my bal shaft being 180 out and then from PIR overheating to find a blown head gasket. This time it's getting fixed 100% correct. I have 2 events left on my schedule for this year. Nov 6-7 STS and Dec 4-5 BW. As soon as next years schedules come out I'll make plans then. I told the wife 8-10 events a year and no back to back weekends. I'm also going to limit the long hauls if I can. The 4 days away are hard on my boys.

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C/R too high? or temp too high maybe? Just speculating. Whatever it is, I hope you can get it back online soon, for very little money!

Good luck.




Eric's failure was not a really bad head gasket failure. Seemed to minor, but bad enough it cause the car to overheat after a couple laps and the car sucked down alot of water in the process.


It could have failed from detonation. Seemed like a problem at #3 & #4 cylinders.


Most head gaskets I have seen fail are one either old orginal ones or cars with significanlty shaved heads. I think steve Sapareto popped one from poor gas or not enough octane from his saved head. He may have even tossed it since it was to far gone. Not sure I might be confusing that with some else.


Anyway. I could not tell why Eric's headgasket may have gone.


PS... Tim If you have have some dyno charts from the red car I'd love to include them. It would be intersting to see if you 138 curve was similar to Eric's 138 curve. Eric did have a pretty free exhaust and that might be a factor in his power at top end. I know you mentioned a little about your muffler influencing hp. It would be interesting and informative!


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Mark Foley and I just did my head gasket. Pretty easy really, especially if you get step-by-step instructions from Clarks Garage. Borrowed a good torque wrench, sent the head to the machine shop to test and shave, bought new hardware and gaskets. Had the shop tension the belt. No sweat, no real cussing, ~ $200; you should try it yourself. Hint: leave the headers on the head for removal and assembly.

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