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Photofrom this weekend racing! (not 56k friendly)


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Some pics from this weeked.


Here Pete Y was moving so fast he was a blur!




Pulling away from a tail dragger




Now slowed down enough for clean shot!




Pete doing the model thing


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Now on to Firebird and the NASA Event!


2003 Spec Az Champion Paul B in his Grand Cup Interga Type R



Super Fast Az Racer Glenn G (PS this guy is fast with car 170 lbs overweight ) Must be the stickers



Arizona Regional Director Steve Sapareto & Az Points leader! You can call him MR WHITE


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On to the start of the Saturday NASA Race


It was mixed bag of cars including some fast ones at the head of the pack




Glenn was forced to start at the back due a transponder issue it qualfying,but worked his way up the grid at the drop of the green!





Paul B Chasing 3rd overall ... Not bad for 1.8L of scalding hamsters!



Here is Glenn having picked off a few more! s_DSC00593.jpg


Here is Steve S who also hard to start from the back, but took a bit more time working through traffic.



PS... I also have high res versions of these Email me you want copies of those. They run 1.3 MB each.

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Hi Joe,


Just a little note on Sunday's race.


The 944-spec class was won by #44 Glenn Gormely with Dennis Campbell second with Mr Steve Sapareto making the podium in third. It's been a while since all of the competitors have been to FIR.


The race was cut short by a couple of laps due to a very bad incident involving a Spec-Mini. While aproaching the tower turn the Mini got airborn and rolled a couple of times finally landing on it's roof. Then unfortunately a BWM got collected in the maylay along with #44 hitting some tires as the course was blocked in a blind area besides being covered completely with glass which made it very slippery. ...

Luckily there weren't any appearant injuries but this is a good reminder for everyone to keep their safety gear up to date and keep those visors down.......


I'd also like to see small bore and big bore groups not all in one....I raced with a M3 the entire race on Sunday until a big bore car that we were LAPPING somehow managed to make his car very wide killing my momentum bye bye M3 : )



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Did rain play role in incident with the Mini? The #44 in the tires I assume was a #44 mini not Glenn I hope.





Glad to see that Glenn got completed the weekend and the front suspension held up.


So Saturday's race






Sunday's Race





Slow big bore car ehh... Could it have been a bondocrapstang?

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Nope, the #44 was Glen. Not a great day for him despite his great driving. He had a minor incident with a very poor driver who clipped his right front fender on Saturday. Incredulously, in the MIDDLE of a hot track, this driver got out of his car and started walking around it to assess his damage. Needless to say I believe he has been banned from further racing. Joe P helped Glen check his suspension and straighten his toe-in which seemed to be OK on Sunday. Glen was one of the first to come around the blind corner and see the tires blocking the left side of the track, the Mini on it's roof in the middle (with the driver trying to crawl out) and the M3 on the right. With nowhere to go, Glen chose to hit the wall rather than another car damaging his left side - some great driving and quick decisions on his part. Fortunately, noone was injured and in great part due to good response from the corner workers and safety teams, all the other cars were quickly stopped and the track cleared and back in operation in less than 30 min. I came up on it shortly behind Glen with an RX-7 directly in front of me just as the red flag came out. The RX-7 jammed on his brakes and, although we had just seen a yellow come out at the previous corner, I was a bit too close and locked up sliding toward the RX-7. Fortunately, he was a good driver and saw me in his mirror and moved forward enough to allow me to avoid hitting him. I have learned my lesson to heed the Yellow!

Glen only suffered some panel damage and expects to be back by the next event. Damn, with all his track time (about 10 times mine), he's getting hard to keep up with and I know I will have a hard time keeping my lead!

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Yup.....unfortunately Glenn got the other side. The repair work has already began! It'll be the Green Hornet at the West track this weekend.

He assured me that he is bringing the Gulf Turbo #951 and the Haul-Away #44 cars to PIR in Oct.


Andy had just sent me some pics from the weekend including the Mini. I'll forward them for you to post.



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Man that sucks for Glenn, Tough weekend. It is realy tough when you are the first car on a scene like that. Now where to go so you pick the lesser of al evil's.



Really glad nobody got hurt in all that. Fenders and Cars are replaceable people are not.



I have put a post on the Rennlist about getting Head and Neck Restraint device. Currently looking at either a HANS or ISAAC. Leaning torward ISAAC right now. This little situation has pushed me further down the path of getting one. Yeah its money, but stuff like this can happen so fast and even when it is not "your fault". You have to be prepared for any situation. I will also be upgrading the car with high quality SFI padding. The good stuff.


Steve let me know as soon as you have complete race results with times and all. I want update the listing.

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