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I did a quick search and it seems the whole discussion over FIA-1986 specification suits was never formally resolved.


What is the current standing with regards to the use of an FIA-1986 specification suit at a NASA sanctioned rally? It should also be noted that the suit in question is an OMP Trend (originally purchased circa 2000) which does not carry SFI certifications, so the FIA-1986 issue becomes a sticking point.


I'm trying to work out budgets to run the O'Neil Rally in January, and the cost of purchasing a new suit for that one event could be the deal breaker for me. So I'd like to know if I will be allowed to compete wearing this suit or if a new suit must be purchased before the event.


With NASA being the only N/A sanctioning body that does not accept this suit certification, so I'd like to avoid buying a new suit just for this one event.






p.s. I just noticed that the 2009 GRR's have been posted, but only contain sections 1 & 2 (suits are covered in section 3)?

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So any updates on this?


Not many people are affected by this given that OMP is the only manufacturer that I know of that did not carry SFI 3-2A/5 along with the FIA 1986 standard.


I have spoken with the Chief Tech Inspector for the O'Neil Rally and his stance (which I agree with for what it's worth) is that he needs to follow the letter of the rallysport rules, so without the dual certification, he does have to reject my suit unless the 2009 rules are updated (or a bulletin issued) to include that standard.


Checking various other sanctioning bodies (including NASA ProRacing, CARS, SCCA, and R-A), NASA Rallysport is the only organization that I would possibly compete with that does not accept the FIA 1986 standard.


You may also want to consider including the FIA 8860-2004 helmet standard as acceptable - it was not listed in the 2008 Rallysport Regulations. Not that anyone is going to show up with one of the 13 helmets that currently has this certification.



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I don't understand what there should be too much trouble about the quality of the FIAT 1986 suit, I mean, there were a series of regulations that certified certain details from the suit but it's obsolete, Norme 1986 is the "expired" FIA standard superceded by 8856-2000 for International use

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