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Nor Cal 944-spec drivers and or interested guys?


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Hey all you Nor-Cal 944-spec guys or guys interested in 944-spec lets get a list together.


Right now my list has


944-spec drivers

Bill Pennock #49 - Driving a former Az prepped car


Spec interested.

Ken (pixarken) on nasaforums

Deni Durrell - 83 944 street car progressing to track car.


I know there are some more out there.



PS.. Nor-Cal means you are north of LA far enough for you home tracks to be Thundherhill, Laguna, Sears Point vs California Speedway and Willow Springs. Buttonwillow is sort of in betweeen a bit.

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Excellent! That was quick. Thanks.

One of my longer term goals with respect to helping build this great class, is establishing different groups around the country. The next logical step in this process is a group in NorCal.

Does the 7Z in your signature refer to a tranny code?

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No, it's the paint codes; much more interesting than "Gemini Grey Metallic" and "Kalahari Beige Metallic". Finally found those damn codes again at Clark's Garage. Although I still need to see if it's a Pastel Beige or the Kalahari. I think the Kalahari might be the lighter version I see from time to time. The pastel might be the more common "bronze" color that we often see. Will have to check. I've only had the 86 for a month and have only driven it about 2 miles to where it is now sitting, awaitng a thorough check-up by yours truly.


This will be great for a NorCal contingent, except that a lot of 944 guys that I know would have to get another car because they've already modified their cars to the extent that they would be out-of-class, which is easy to do if they are involved with POC and/or PCA.

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Ah, yes. I recognize the paint codes now. The upper and lower case letters threw me off. If the tranny codes have a 7 or Z in them, it could mean they have an LSD inside.

Yeah, the 944's up there may be "over spec." The good thing about that is that you can always take off the over spec stuff and sell it for more money than it costs to put the stock stuff back on, because people shelf the stock stuff. Some of the 911 guys in San Diego are in the middle of a classic one-up-man-ship wallet battle. Instead of building equal cars...........

See if you can sell the equal cars formula to those 944 racers up there?

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Yes, you are right, it takes the sportsmanship out of it - my E46 M3 fanatic little brother continues to wisely say "The more money you spend, the faster you go". The guys in SD are the same types in LA and SF, only thing different is climate! (I know this because I've lived in La Jolla, Downtown and Hillcrest). Nonetheless, I realised a year or two ago that the 944 Spec was great if for simply that reason- yes, I do remember when it started. When people want to go more hard core there is always the POC, and man it ain't cheap! Again, my whole MO is to acclimate myself and have fun doing it. It makes more sense in the long run, which is what I hope it will become, life is short.


It is appealing to "sell the idea" to people over here, which I am sure could happen once I get my sh!t into gear (every possible pun intended, of course). PCA is a great starting place for the guys that like to come out and drive. 944 Spec will work.

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I'm having someone else finish my spec car so I can get it running sooner. The problem of a project car is that I only work on it in my spare time and it's taking too long. I rather spend my spare time on the track

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