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Gormelly, Bloomberg, Paluch, Comeau racing.....

Tim Comeau

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I just watched my video from last July (2003) racing with these guys at Willow Springs. I have Joe's camera perspective, and mine on separate tapes. What a great dice we had! Very nearly nose to tail for about 20 minutes! Then, after leading the whole time, I couldn't get downshifted to 4th gear after trail braking deep into turn 9......first to last position in 200 feet of track. DOH!

So, It's nice to read about Glenn, and Paul being on the same track again.

We're still looking forward to creating a huge gathering of 944's in the near future.

944-spec plus Spec-944 plus the POC's new class, 944 GSR (G-spec racer)

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Yeah that was a very fun race. the 4 of us nose to tail for 25 minutes or so.


Too bad Paul moved on it was fun racing with him. At least he is still making it out to the track!.

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Guys....I hate to always be posting on the the 944 thread but I made a lot of friends in Spec racing and just because one of us changes cars it doesn't eliminate the respect I have for the guys that I used to have very close races with!

I usually watch race videos on a regular basis and I am amazed by the level of tight racing w/o bumping or blocking that seems to show it's head in other race series.

If I knew how to transfer VHS to digital I love to see some of the clips on the 944-spec site at some point especially from my camera, unfortunately the bad thing about Joes camera perspective is he was usually leading the race.

Glenn and I ...Who basically ran a couple of DE's, then got our license and started racing it was fun to watch the progression, but it makes for some good video cause of the track position.



#51 H1 ITR

#51 911 GTS ?????

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Hey we need to have video day. I have not seen most of your video's.


Post over here when ever you want... I still want to race with you, but alas the added speed of your car means I just now a rolling chicane. Oh well.


I see a #51 911 in your signature... are you tail dragger driver now too?


... or this just John Dowling's borrowed car?

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I think maybe a party at my house w/videos various video's would be cool. I was watching the last couple at AMP...with the silver M3 holding us up in places was totally cool! : ) You can hear me "voicing my frustrations" in places.

I hope you are racing soon cause you really did raise the bar and set a very high standard right from the beginning! Which forced us to go faster then we might not of if the competition wasn't as close. I think the more experienced guys should definately do like Mike did with Glenn and I...

It's kind of cool that one of the Nocal HC guys sent me a email asking if it was the same MB that used to run in the bay area for one of the Honda teams years ago and explained that he intro'd him into racing!


So I think the whole mentoring thing would be totally cool and biuld the sport!!!

Those WC guys are generally faster due to the intense competition.

Maybe it would be cool for some of us to help get some other newer guys a little faster?


What do you think???



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The 911 would be a early lightweight with maybe a 3.0 ltr. motor depending on classing. This might or might not happen right away : )

I would really like to run the Honda for at least another season, but if opportunity knocks???


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