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Shelby Dodge classification


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Couple guys in the Shelby Dodge Club were curious where their cars would be classed. Did not see a listing.


Shelby Lancer (1987) 8 valve; turbo-intercooled; about 3,000 lbs.; rated at 175 hp when new.


Shelby Charger (1985) 8 valve; turbo (not intercooled; about 2,500 lbs.; rated at 150 hp when new.


Looks like the both would be TTF in stock form ???

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It looks to me like they do belong in the TTF base class. The question would be whether either of them deserves the 5 pt handicap. There seems to be some similar hp and weight vehicles in the class that are both starred and not starred. When a car is not listed, I generally get an idea of what base class it belongs in, then look at the mods that it has. Often the 5 points won't make a difference since you need 15 points to jump up a class, which makes it easier to decide what class to put the car into.


Greg G.

NASA SoCal TT Director

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I doubt that either one deserves the +5 points. I would also think that the Omni GLH would be in the same class. However the 1986 Omni GLHS and the 1987 Charger GLHS probably should have the +5 points. The 86 GLHS added an intercooler and Koni adjustable shocks to the GLH. The 87 GLHS added the same to the Charger. Technically the GLHS models were "produced" at the Shelby facility in Whittier, California. Also, as I recall Dodge did not produce a Charger model in 1987. Shelby also produced their CSX in 87. Essentially same as a Dodge Shadow, but with the intercooled turbo engine. Given the added weight (about 2700-2800) lbs. it should not be assessed the +5 points unless it came with the Koni adjustable shocks. In 89 Shelby produced the CSX - VNT (variable nozzle turbo). Rated at the same hp, but VNT tended to spool up quicker. Probably should be same as the others, but with the +5.

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