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Post pics of your HPDE toy


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This is my Evo IX MR with a 2.3L stroker built by MAPerformance (custom wood ramps courtesy of my very tolerant wife who lets me have race cars). Car is mostly engine mods (FP Green turbo, ported head, ported intake manifold, 3" Exhaust with an external wastegate, cams are 274's, etc...). She made 450 WHP/470 WTQ at MAP on E-85 at 32psi. Has a built 6-spd. Only suspension mods are lowering springs on stock dampers and polyurethane suspension bushings.




With Blue Bianca the muthaf***in' tow truck!!!




Took her up to Nelson Ledges Race Course in Northeastern OH in October (pics above). Only other track I have run with her was Brainerd in MN a few years ago. Have been doing autocrosses the last couple of years to hone my skills (or something) and finally grew a pair and took her to the track. Definitely convinced me that I want to be on the track. I can see what people mean when they say that some of the skills are transferrable from the auto-x pad to the track, but they are definitely two different worlds. The Evo ran great at the track. People timing me from the pits (super accurate, I know) said I was doing around 1:19's, which is apparently pretty respectable for that particular track. Video (below) seems to confirm that I was pretty close to those times during the couple laps I got without traffic.



But, being a Mechanical Engineer, I obviously have to have a project. So, I am working on this.






This will be my dedicated track car. I love the Evo very much, and she is very capable, but still way too nice of a car to not continue to be my cool street car. The RX7 will be lighter (because gutted) and better balanced, hopefully more overall potential. Put an LS1 in it because I am against Doritos. Nothing too fancy with the engine, trying to keep it as totally stock and reliable as possible for now. I can't wait to start working toward my TT license. I have truly enjoyed every second at the track so far and hope to enjoy some good times with all of you this coming year!

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Just starting off in HPDE with NASA. Looking to progress through TT, while prepping a track only car. Leaning toward 944 SPEC, right now, but who knows what will happen, once I start talking to some of you guys at the tracks.


On the way to my mountain office:


With my daughter/navigator at Nevada Open Road Challenge (May 16):


ACS HPDE (Oct 16):

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Some of you might know this car. lol 

I was building a 68 mustang and was sick of building it and throwing my money away, so sold it and bought this. ❤️

Car now lives in Utah. 

Hope to start HPDE next season. 

my mustang.jpg

my mustang 2.jpg

my mustang 4.jpg

my mustang 5.jpg

my mustang 7.jpg

my mustang 8.jpg

my mustang 9.jpg

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