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Lookin for a ride


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Plenty, I campaigned an Olds Achieva World Challenge car in SCCA Club racing for the last 4 years.

Talk about a piece of crap. Glad I finally got rid of that thing.

My only real issue is my size. I am 6' and weigh 200lbs. I need a 16" seat.

I do have 2 seats a Cobra Imola and a Alu Road Race seat.




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We are going to be running a 97 honda del sol in E2. The price is $1200 with a $800 damage deposite if the car sustains damage while you are the driver, mechanical problems will not be veiwed as damage.


Last year we won the 12 hour in a crx and were 10+ laps ahead with 1 hour to go when we crashed out. There will be 4 other drivers. We are going to be running a 3 hour at t-hill in nov to get the guest drivers used to the car and to do some pit lane practice. What do you think?

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Tell me more about the car.

Is the seat ready to fit a large driver. I have never sat in a Del Sol but they look small. What size is the largest driver you have put in the car.

I will also be bringing a motorhome if we need the extra room.


Call me 805-466-3015 9-5 weekdays.

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The car is a SOHC del sol, capable of 2:07.xx at t-hill over the bypass. The seat is a 15" kirkey intermediate road race seat. I am 5'11", there is actually a lot of room in the car. Much more then my crx. Do you think you can fit in a 15" seat?

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I know that my Alu seat is a 16", I may be able to fit in a 15" if we remove the pad.

Is the car located in Scotts Valley?

I am in Atascadero about 160 miles So. of San Jose.

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