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2004 24' Enclosed Race Trailer - Only 600 Miles Since New!


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Due to a huge hit at work the toys have to go.


Selling the race car - no race car - no need for a race trailer.


The details and pictures can can be found here...



This trailer is very nice and like brand new. A few of the features include...


Finished and insulated walls and ceiling

Extra wide and extra tall side door

Diamond plate aluminum on front

Very brite chrome corners

Dual drop axles

Triple beam tongue

Requires 2 5/16 ball

Dual electric brakes with emergency back-up

Plenty of bright running lights

Four ambulance lights

Two skylight/vents

Finished, insulated and high ceiling

Diamond plate aluminum trim

New weight distributing hitch, sway control and hardware ($500+)

6" steel tube frame

Ramps for low profile car

Grip tape on wheel wells

Gear bin forward of 48" side door

Four 5,000 pound recessed tie-downs

Wide angle mirror for solo loading

Extra large rear door with beaver tail

Nicely concealed spring assist on rear door

$125 worth of DOT reflective tape on sides and rear door

Self-healing undercoating

New spare tire and rim

Low CG allows for a very stable ride

Very low profile for very low cars

24' long, 8' 4" wide and 7' 9" high

Optional extra wide side door - 48"


Please check out the link above for details and then drop me an email, PM or reply here with questions.



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Additional info...


G.V.W.R. 7,000 pounds (dual 3,500 pound axles)

Curb weight is 3,550 pounds

Payload capacity is 3,450 pounds

Roof is one piece - NO leaks.


I am currently asking $7,650 - It's just like brand new.


Details and photos can be found at...



Our location and current price...



You can find other info at that site as well as my '01 Roush/Bondurant Mustang for sale. Simply navigate using the page index located at the upper left side of each page.


Hope that helps!



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The height that you list---is that the height inside the trailer or the overall height from pavement to roof?

If not---could you tell me what the overall height is?

I am in Chicago, and looking for a trailer to haul my Z-06 to driving events--please let me know---I am interested!





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That is the height of the metal - from the bottom of the trailer frame to the top (roof) - not the ground.


The interior height is 7' - at 6'3" I hate bending over and/or hitting my head inside or while coming and going - no problems at all with 7' from floor to ceiling! Nice and roomy.


Let me know if you need anything else.


Talking with a few folks - nothing solid yet - may list it on ebay in a day or two - it's gotta go...


You have seen my trailer/mustang website right...







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Sorry about that,


From the ground to the top of the skylight/vents is 8' 9" empty.


Hope that helps - will it fit?



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My like new 2004 24' Race Car Trailer is now listed on ebay.


Having trouble making a link straight to the listing work - in the mean time you can either search under...


-- ebay listing #4500888226




-- or visit my ebay store "TEAM SILOGRAM"




It will close on November 9th - check it out.





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