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Are we using the bus stop for the enduro at Buttonwillow?

Allegro Racing

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With a bleeding motorcycle alternator, the lack of any sort of reflectors on that part of the track was a huge problem for us with our dinky lights last time...are there any sort of references in that direction or is it going to be blind running 14-20 seconds off our pace like last time? If I know in advance I'll disable all but one tail light to help save some juice in the system

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the reason I ask is that frequently a slightly different configuration is used for the enduros...last time they changed from using Star Mazda to the bypass just before the enduro and one of the other times we ran a night race there they used the back straight instead of the bus stop.

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Thanks a ton, Jim!

My first emailer didn't have that enduro note and when I received the second emailer, I assumed it was a double mailing of the first and just deleted it.

It wouldn't have stopped me from driving, but I like to plan things out so there's no surprises.

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