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Anyone out there play Gran Tourismo 3? If so, this is where you should post your fastest times. In my household, the car of choice is the F094s, but if you think you can go faster in something else, be my guest.


You can choose any of the tracks available in the run and setting mode in the garage. This will from now on be knwon as, "THE BOARD" I will update it as faster times are posted. Good Luck!


Laguna Seca:

1st 56.381 by Brian Lock F094s USTCC

2nd 56.428 by Mike Lock F094s HC

3rd 57.665 by D Lux F094s HPDE

4th 1:00.841 by Ryan Walton F094h AI

5th 1:01.361 by 0x1 F687s


Apricott Hill:

1st 54.530 by Mike Lock F094s HC

2nd 55.642 by Brian Lock F094s USTCC

3rd 58.090 by Ryan Walton F094h AI

4th 59.494 by 0x1 F687s



1st 51.828 by Mike Lock F094s HC

2nd 52.104 by Chris F094s HC

3rd 53.502 by Brian Lock F094s USTCC

4th 54.250 by 0x1 F687s

5th 54.403 by Ryan Walton F094h AI



Now there is no way to check so don't lie about your times, and try to stay on the track, alternative lines are discouraged. This thread can also serve as a Gran Tourismo 3 Driving technique and setup guide.

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