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Question on Door Gutting


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I'm working on preparing a 2002 Subaru for the ST2 class. I have a quick question about gutting doors. I've read both the CCR and ST2 rules, however it's not quite clear to me.


My front doors are currently gutted to allow for NASCAR bars. Can I legally remove the factory door bar?


On the rear doors, the panel is removed and some minor cutting has been done on the sheet metal to allow for the cage to clear. Am I allowed to gut out the rear doors completely. It would be nice to separate the skins from the doors and just weld them back onto the car (they're heavy). The CCR seems to say I can't do this unless I need clearance for the cage and the ST2 rulebook doesn't mention anything about it. I've put a picture of the front door and car below.


thanks in advance,







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really only 1 rule in ST - meet the adjusted hp:weight. done. There are a couple restrictions on what kind of car you start with, some stuff to outline the adjustments, and thats about it


I wouldn't pull it because I prefer the extra bit of side-impact protection, but if you've got an overkill cage in that area then its just dead weight, pull it

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dunk i noticed your cage is already painted and looking good. I also noticed a dash bar was not there between the a-pillar bars, i am not certain, but i thought the ccr required those for racecars? maybe something to consider at least looking up before installing everything.

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Thanks for all the help guys. I got the car weighed yesterday. 3269 with a 1/2 tank and me in the car. Not bad for a Subaru. Here's a couple of shots of the cockpit.







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