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Turn Thunderhill event into a day event?


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I have a question for the group.


Should we query NASA about the possibility of turning the Thunderhill event into a day race?


By the schedule, this last race at Buttonwillow was supposed to be a day race (I had my lights on 45 minutes into it) and Thunderhill a night race. Since Buttonwillow was a night race, I was thinking it would be good for Thunderhill to be a day race.


Any other thoughts?





Team BirkinSport

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I would be against that. I need the practice at THill in the dark for a certain upcoming event.


Keep in mind that in the past, the Friday test day before the 25 or 12 hr has had nighttime practice so you would still get a chance to run at night (last time I drove in the 12 hour they did practice all day and into the evening and qualifying on Friday night).


Think it comes down to trying to get everyone the most track time they can...carving 3 hours out of a regular race weekend means less HPDE.


It would be nice to do some races in daylight...we're having to reengineer our car to accomodate the sort of lights that are necessary for night racing at the pace that car runs.

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I understand there's some night practice available, but that's too close to the event itself to make changes and test them.

It needs to be done well before hand. No last minute surprizes!

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