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Starter trying his hand at HPDE 1at BRP, June 21-22


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Hello all,

I am the starter for NASA, and at Buttonwillow, June 22, I handed my flags to Mike Oscars, Cleaned out my car, put a helmet on and took the course. I was in the white Camaro with the 76 logos. I had a great time

I was not all that fast at first, But once i got the line down, by the end of the day, I shaved 12 seconds off my time. You can bet I will be doing this again. It was nice to be a part of it and see what you drivers see, Rather than a birds eye view. Of course, I did receive alot of jokes from the rest of the corner workers.....but I knew that would happen, but i did keep in on course!! Well, to all you more experienced drivers......thanks for taking it easy on me.


See you at Willow Springs

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Glad to hear you had a good time. I had a great time at Buttonwillow, once I figured out the lines. I was running the Silver Mini Cooper S in HPDE 3. I hope to make it to Willowsprings, but I am not sure yet. Over the two days I shaved 6 seconds off my time, eventually making it down to a 2:19. I know that next time I can do better. See you at the next event, hopefully!




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Glad you got to see the track from the moving perspective. I love it when our corner officials get to drive the track.

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