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Hi Guys,


I don't think I ever posted on this forum when I activated my account so I figure why not introduce myself now. My name is Andy. I live in San Diego and am a member of PCA San Diego Region. I have a 1986 944 that was recently converted over to the M637 option. However, I don't think my car qualifies for the spec class do to M030 sway bars (968 rear adjustable) as well as my H&R 220 lb springs and KYB shocks. I am saving up money to change my suspension over to Spec. But, I want to know if my sway bars are also uncompatible with the spec series. Again they are M030 (26.8mm front and 19mm rear with 3-stage adjustment). I received news of the Spec class through a good friend of mine who works at a Porsche shop on Fairmont in Mission Valley. Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself again. I look forward to getting this 1986 on the track soon since I lost my cherry 1984 to a Ford Bronco speeding through a residential area as I was turning left...lucky to be alive thank god...

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Andy Welcome. (M758 on Rennlist)


Well 944-spec is a sorf of spec class. What that means is that you are not required to have the same suspension as everyone else, but the mods are tightly controlled.


What this mean is that an underprepared car is legal for 944-spec if it conforms to the safety rules.


You can run stock suspesion, and full interior and be legal. Just dont expect to be competitive.



As for your swar bars. Sway bars are free in 944-spec so you may choose any you like. Cockpit adjustable ones are NOT legal however.


I do know of a few guys that run 968 M030 bars.


Front springs are free, rear torsion bars must remain and have max of 30 mm in diameter. Coil over helpers are NOT allowed.


Our rules do spec out Koni Yellow's or Bilstiens as the only allowed shocks. This was done mostly to control shocks and prevent expensive racing shocks from making there way into the series. Box stock KYB's are not a threat to us, but the simplest way to control shocks was to allow the two most popluar options.


Even if you are not ready for racing you can still hang with 944-spec crew at most track days or autocrosses. The POC STS event is looking to have a larger turn out of 944-spec cars.

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