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Clarification on Car Class Eligibility Testing


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The Regional Directors and I have fielded a number of questions regarding the process of assuring car classification compliance, have had a lengthy discussion, and have come to the following conclusion.


As stated in the GTS Rules:


A competitor must recertify their car if any changes have been made since the last certification run.


This includes any changes to weight, power, or any combination therein, as it would affect the competition classing ratio. Minimum weights based on reported HP/TQ figures are calculated by the Regional Directors. Therefore, any car coming off track under minimum declared competition weight can be assessed penalties or have the session DQ'd at the discretion of the Regional Director, subject to the Minimum Weight allowances prescribed in the CCR...


Each car that is checked for minimum weight will be subject to the following policy: Each owner / driver will be given a standard five (5.0) pound leeway under the minimum published weight for their car during the first time (voluntary or not) the car is weighed for that event (weekend). After the initial weighing, the competitor must meet the exact published weight with zero (0.0) pounds leeway for the remainder of that event. This policy should compensate for any discrepancies between scales, margin of error, and imperfections in ground surfaces. No other tolerance will be given.


This will streamline the post-race tech process, and provide a method for Regional Directors that do not have the ability to have a dyno at the track (or if the dyno shuts down early) to assure classing compliance.


If there are any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this, please do not hesitate to post, PM, or call me at 720 270 2147.





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