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Mad March Stages Results

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European Rally School's Mad March Stages Rally Results.




Weather was fantastic, 84 degrees sunny all weekend. Great Tarmac Rally Driving, 80 miles of stages with a mixture of tight twisty paved tracks, full paved road course, paved runways and taxiways on the adjacent airport.


It was a very close event for 1st and 2nd overall all day with only 11 seconds between them at the end


Everything went pretty much on schedule, started at 10.30pm, finished at 4.15pm, all 8 stages were completed and results were posted at 4.45pm and final at 5.15pm with Awards at 5.30pm.


1st car # 1 Martin Donnelly / Steven Duffy. Lancer Evo 8 - 70 mins 45 secs. Class P1.

2nd car # 83 Tom Lawless / Eamon Sweeney. Lancer Evo 9 - 70 mins 56 secs. Class P1.

3rd car # 53 Dunker Felix / Juan Cardozo. Impreza WRX. - 78 mins 00 secs. Class SS.

4th car # 63 Danny O'Brian / James McKierman. Impreza Sti. - 79 mins 04 secs. Class P1.

5th car # 44 Brad Morris / Doug Nagy. Lancer OZ. - 80 mins 53 secs. Class M1.

6th car # 10 Simon Wright / Kieran Wright. Focus ZX3. - 86 mins 07 secs. Class M2.

Car # 87 Carlos Filipe / Nick Martinez. Mazda RX3. DNF. (Clutch).

Car # 82 Jari Hamalainen / Tero Man. Datsun 240Z. DNF. (Suspension)



Thanks to all the competitors, event staff, corner workers and ERS Staff for a great event.




Ivor Wigham,

Clerk of the Course.

European Rally School's

Mad March Stages.

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