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Building our class in SoCal

Tim Comeau

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In our continuing effort to build this great class in SoCal, I wanted to make all 944 drivers aware of a large gathering of 944's at Streets of Willow on Nov. 6th and 7th. We already have 15 cars. This event is an entry level one sanctioned by the POC, but many of our racers crossover between clubs and I believe this helps build the class's foundation of new racers, which benefits both clubs. We're hoping a large turnout will get the class more attention and more racers building 944's.

Enter the event or just come hang out with us and talk 944 racing! You might even get some free beer!


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Yeah!! What Tim said. You don't need any experience or even a completed car. Just one road worthy and safe to drive. Tim may even have a car to rent you!! Mine may be rented out as well!

Doing everything I can to hook newbies!!

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At least you could show your sorry butt out there in support!!



would you (continue to) look at porn if your Viagra supply ran out? Understand where I'm coming from? No Punns intended WHATSOEVER there!



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