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Dynojet compliance and "dynojet correction factors"

Eric W.

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But from the very first race I did there have been some people that just cant accept getting their asses handed to them by a better driver. They're the people that instigate these types of threads and have actually cussed me out at the track. For those people I cant, nor would I, really express how I feel on a public forum. I will just continue to do my best to humiliate them on the track.


NICE, REAL nice Timothy.


Comments like that tend to "fan the flame" and that you just did, undoubtedly...and while it's difficult to be the "better man" in this situation, I'll give it a 2nd shot.


I find it hard to read stuff like this and not respond accordingly, as some of you witnessed in another thread I started yesterday, which has now been deleted.


I feel the need to apologize, I got a bit out of hand with respect to the reply I posted on Sunday. I love GTS and look forward to racing with each and every one of you. Chris often cites how we are one BIG family and I agree, we are all "Brothers in Speed". We will argue and have issues amongst ourselves, from time to time, but we all have to remember (especially myself!) that this is about being competitive, and over all...HAVING FUN.


Timmy, NO ONE that races in GTS3 had called you out specifically. I understand that things could be construed as it's all about YOU, but in fact our discussions were for no specific reason other than to discuss potential and past issues, not related to anyone in particular (I hope that made sense??).


Jeff, I would suggest you get your facts straight then address the situation in a more manly fashion instead of hiding behind a computer and defaming someone or attacking their character to their friends.


What I discussed with your friend last weekend is what's been on my mind for a year now...and it's the same content I would GLADLY discuss with you...gimme a call. I did not intend to "defame" you behind your back, I was merely using a messenger to answer an apparent question you had about how things were going at the track.


As for the person who "cussed you out" - could you kindly clarify that statement and insure that it is not in reference to ME...you used my name in your post. It was not I who "cussed you out", no need to claim who it was, just clear up that it wasn't me...as I was discussing some options with you at the time and that someone intervened.


I think most of us have been fair to you for the year you've been racing with the NASA GTS series...most of all, myself. I've given advice, I've loaned wheel spacers and I would gladly lend a hand if you needed it...I would offer the same to anyone, racing in GTS, or not.


It seems that it's YOU who chooses to separate yourself from the pack and not discuss things...you insist that any post discussing any aspect of compliance is ABOUT YOU...when in fact, they are not.


I encourage you to open up some dialogue with your fellow competitors. You have so much you could contribute to the series, you really do...but instead, you choose to turn away and accuse us of posting "accusatory threads".


I have done my best to keep my response "civil", as it's obvioius my original post and resulting topic were removed. I think it's fair that this particular post remain as the moderators and "powers that be" have decided that your original inflammatory comments remain as well.


I hope that we can all put this behind us and move on...I really have no malice towards anyone and I am in this sport/industry because it's fun as hell...WHY ELSE would I be here? Let's all try and get along to the best of our ability and see through all of this. I understand that there have been some considerable sized "jabs" tossed back and forth and that the brunt of the blame could be placed on ME.


I apologize for that...and I promise to make sure I'm on my meds before posting again!


Thanks to all who tolerated the firestorm - see you at the races!

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