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New for 2011: Mustang GTD


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For the 2011 Model Year, Ford will offer the Mustang GTD, equipped with a 3.0l V6 TDCi Twin-Turbo Diesel engine. The engine, co-developed by Ford's European Branch and PSA Peugeot-Citroen, is already available in a number of European products in 2.7l version. The Mustang will get the same enhanced 3.0l HO trim as the sleek-looking Jaguar XF, where it received abundant praise for its low-end torque, smooth NVH, and superb fuel economy. The 2011 Mustang Diesel will be the perfect car for those who want to combine style and coolness of an American sporscar, combined with a fuel efficiency that is up to European standards. The engine is rated at 275 HP and massive 445 ft-lb of torque and delivers 0-60 mls accelleration in just less than 5.7 seconds, putting it on par or better than the venerable 4.0 V6 gas engine.

As the exhaust tone may not be quite up to the expectations of hardcore Mustang enthusiasts, the 3.0l TDCi engine will be available in Coupé and Coupé with Glass Roof, but not Convertible body style.

A prototype of the car was spied when refueling with Diesel on a truck stop in Ohio.


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WTW?!?!?!? A DIESEL MUSTANG? Hmmm.....that might take some getting used to. Especially if the engine is French....

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