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Window Nets and SFI Ratings


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The CCR, in reference to window nets, states:


"The window net must be in very good condition and carry an SFI label indicating a date showing that the net is less than five (5) years old.


We currently have an SFI compliant window net in the car, the webbed kind, and would like to switch to the mesh net variety to improve visibility through the side mirror (the webbing crosses right in line with my vision of the side mirror, blocking my view). The one that we would like to use, RJS Racing (#50523MN) is not SFI rated. We want to use this style, oblong, as the VW windows are really long, and I'm worried that a square net will not cover enough surface area to provide adequate protection. So, I have a couple of questions I hope someone can answer:


1. Why the SFI requirement on window nets? I understand the obvious, fire protection, but if flames are that high, I have greater things to worry about, I think.


2. Has anyone used the square mesh window nets (G-Force has one that is SFI rated) with a MKIV VW? If so, how was the fit?


3. Anyone think it will be a problem to go from the oblong style net (32" along the bottom, 23" along the top) to a square net?


4. Is anyone using the Allstar Performance Angled Mesh Window Net?


I think that's it.



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There was a discrepancy on their site versus what Summit Racing was saying, so I called them. As it was explained to me, on the mesh nets SFI now requires 5/8" vertical webbing and some interval to be compliant. RJS didn't want to go through this, and the subsequent testing, with their mesh nets, so they are no longer SFI 27.1 compliant. Their regular, webbed window net is still compliant, though.

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