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AIECCS Points are updated


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Robin, not that it matters, but I did start on Saturday, I simply didn't make it past T17 (thank you Mr. BMW for the help) on the first lap so it should be a DNF.


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I'm a little confused on how they scored my Saturday race. Hopefully I'll have time this weekend to look at the CCR to see what the rule is.


I did the pace lap but went into the pits because my window was fogging up and I couldn't see anything. Once I cleared the windshield in the pits, I made 2-3 laps before it fogged over again and I called it a day. Maybe since I didn't take the initial green flag, my laps didn't count. Really have no idea.


Had a great time on Sunday though!


Hope to make it to Road America.

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A driver must complete half the laps of the leader to earn full points. Any driver not completing half the points of the leader earns half the number of points earned by the lowest placing driver that did finish half the laps as the leader.


In other words a driver finishing 5 laps of a 20 laps race earns 33 points if 10th place was lowest scored car that finished at least 10 laps.

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This is the best I can do Bodle. Its just an excel document, check it out.

Dean & Brian it was hard to keep up with what happened to everyone. I pulled the results from mylaps, so I think timing & scoring may have it wrong. Can you check with them and include me on the outcome? You two would end up with 35 as DNF's, like Rusty.


Name # Sat Sun

Chris DeSalvo 37 90 100 4

Beau Dunnivant 68 85 85 4

Randy Maits 317 75 67

Richard Lourghrie77 70 68

Rusty Ferguson 22 35 80

Jimmy Bost 16 80 33

Robin Burnett 21 100 4 DQ

Jason Andrew 11 90

Dean Smeltzer 04 DNS 75

Brian Tone 47 DNS 70

Rob Bodle 05 69

Todd Nunn 91 66


Hope this helps

Robin Burnett

[email protected]


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The guys got it right regarding points. I'm only chiming in as the amended results will affect Mid Atlantic points even though it probably won't matter since I don't expect Dean to run with us all year.

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What is the actual track record for AI at VIR?

I saw this on the Mid-Atlantic website.

2:02.631,3/29/2008, Pete Johns, Pontiac Trans Am

That is smoking for IA, especial since it is one second faster than Pete’s AIX time. Looks like a timing and scoring error on the class to me. Do we think any track records were broken this weekend? I thought it was in the low 2:11s and we(Chris DeSalvo) saw a 2:10.0.

Can this be confirmed? If it is a record Chris gets 4 more points.

I could see a high 2:08 there. Maybe after those 888 are dialed in. Seriously.

I liked the 888 that I ran. I still have to add some camber because the outside 1.5 inch of tire never touched the pavement. Or is this typical of VIR?

Chris and Beau what are your fastest recorded times there during a race?


Jay Andrew

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Pete Johns car is AIX. I'm almost certain that record is an error. Beau had the record. It was a low 2:11. I'm 99.9% sure Desalvo has it now. I'll check into it.



Based on data that I can find, Beau Dunnivant had the record from 2/24/07 with a 2:11.168.

As of this last event (3/29/09 race), Desalvo should now have the record with his 2:10.075.

I've requested a update for the official list.

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Pete Johns ran SU this February (1:57.677!). He didn't run in March. But he still holds the AIX record.


Pete reset Terry Killian's previous AIX record (2:05.806 in Mar 2007) to 2:03.671 in February 2008 and reset it again in March 2008 with a 2:02.631.


I think the mixup for the AI record on the latest MA spreadsheet may have been due to the "Xtreme" part of the class name being cut off in the PDF version of the Feb 2008 results. The Mar 2008 PDF version doesn't have that issue. MA switched to MyLaps for results after Mar '08.


Chris DeSalvo did set a new AI lap record of 2:10.075 last month, besting Beau's previous 2:11.168 from Feb 2007.

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I don't know the exact laptime, but way back in 2003 or 04 when we had a large group at VIR as a support race for the Grand Am race that was there Guy Cunningham ran deep into the 2:09's when he was driving Griggs' Old Blue.


I may be able to dig out the timesheets if I look hard enough when I get home.

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I just got a confirmation that the official record sheet has been updated and will be posted very soon.


As I said yesterday, Desalvo now has the record with his 2:10.075.

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As much as I hate it I will update the points document for Chris' new record...."Oh yea, only 4 bonus points per race, didn't I put that in the rules"..... JUST KIDDING!


BTW That was great fun to race with Chris & Jay. To be in the middle of a battle and see how we would gain and lose at different points on the track...thats the best. Without that kind of head to head I don't know if we would have run that fast.


FWIW I was getting ready to do a 2:09 when I crashed out, anyone buying this, anyone still reading, I think I can hear you breathing, never mind.



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I found an email from Dan Schlickenmeyer (former AI-East Director) focused on the results of the October 4/5 weekend from 2003. This was an email that was sent out on the now dormant (pre-web forums) American Iron East Yahoo mailing group. It's message 941 of 1628 within that Yahoo group.


Email sent by Dan Schlickenmeyer

Wed Oct 8, 2003 11:49 am

American Iron East Yahoo Mailing group

#941 of 1628


The National Autosport Associations American Iron Series brought a record 35 entries to the Grand Am event this weekend at beautiful VIR in Danville, Virginia.

This was a weekend of firsts for this up and coming series. The series, featuring primarily 1965-2003 American muscle/pony cars has grown from 10 cars to 35+ cars in a short 2 years here on the East coast. As for the firsts, this was the first time American Iron has run as a support race with a series such as Grand Am. This was the first time a new dual race format was tried with the winner being determined from the combination of his 2 race results. Obviously it was a first as it pertains to the car count. In the end the weekend was an unqualified success with incredible racing, great fan support and terrific organization on the part of the NASA and Grand Am officials.

The weekend began with practice on Friday followed by qualifying on Saturday and the aforementioned split race segments on Sunday. Practice found Lester Lesneski and Dan Schlickenmeyer atop the time sheets in AIX and Guy Cunningham and Bryan Shugg leading the way in AI. Come Saturday, the time sheets looked a bit different when it counted. Chris Griswold from Wisconsin in his "wide tired" Mustang turned in a blistering 2:04.3 to put his car on pole for Sunday's race. Lesneski would sit outside pole followed by Jeremy Behrendt, Scott Whitehead and Schlickenmeyer. Cunningham held his position with an AI record lap of 2:09.242. James Hoover would capture the outside pole for AI followed by Keith Videtto, Shugg and Greg Brown.

With 33 of 35 cars forming the grid for Sunday, it was bound to be a spectacular event and the fans that stayed to watch after the Grand Am Rolex event were treated to one of the best shows of the weekend. At the drop of the green for race one, the top 5 AIX cars waged a tremendous battle with Griswold leading into turn one followed closely by Lesneski, Behrendt and Schlickenmeyer. In AI, Cunningham would lead into turn one followed by Hoover and Videtto. As the race progressed, Griswold would prove to have the dominant car as he slowly pulled away from the others. Lesneski, Behrendt, Schlickenmeyer and Whitehead were left to battle for second. Lesneski was eliminated when his power steering went out and his shifter later broke. Behrendt was running a strong second until encountering mechanical trouble forcing him to pit. Schlickenmeyer and Whitehead ran nose to tail providing the best race in AIX with Whitehead getting by for 2nd on the second to last lap. Barry Kline made a tremendous charge from his 13th starting position to finish 4th in AIX followed by Anthony Moretz and Jim Pantas. AI was a tight race from start to finish with Cunningham followed closely by Videtto, Hoover and Shugg. Positions were swapped for 2nd, 3rd and 4th many times and in the end Cunningham would prove the dominant force followed by Videtto and Hoover. Shugg would come home 4th in AI followed by Mark Wilson, Greg Brown, Elliott Fisher, Brian Smith, Tim Swain and Greg Anderson.

The first race segment was followed with a 15 minute "intermission" with cars pitting to refuel and perform any maintenance required but unable to go behind the wall. The cars then rolled out in order for the second 30 minute race segment.

The second race showed the same cast of characters at the front. Griswold led the way in AIX in a rather dominant fashion. Lesneski suffered a poor start and worked his way through the field to take second in the race. Whitehead was able to nip Schlickenmeyer again for 3rd while Behrendt was unable to make the call to the grid. While not dominant, Cunningham was again the fastest of the AI runners. After running nose to tail for most of the race, the AI finishing order would look much the same as the first race with Videtto in second followed by Hoover, Shugg, Fisher, Brown and Brian Smith.

Combining the results for both races would yield the overall finishing order for the weekend and it looked like this: AIX-----Griswold, Whitehead, Schlickenmeyer, Lesneski, Moretz, Kline, Jason Andrew, Pantas, Stan Berry, Kevin Townsend, Gary Henkel, Nelson Grossnickle, Jeremy Berhendt, Mark Luna, David Smith and Andy Killian. The AI final results would read: AI-----Cunningham, Videtto, Hoover, Shugg, Fisher, Brown, Wilson, Brian Smith, Greg Anderson, Tim Swain, John Pearson, Beau Dunnivant, Mark Dandurand, Mike Schlickenmeyer, Eric Meehan and Will Sadler.

Griswold is sponsored by GV Machine Company, Whitehead by Maximum Motorsports and Schlickenmeyer by Griggs Racing, Cobalt Brakes and Mustang Don's. Cunningham is sponsored by Griggs Racing, Videtto by Griggs and KEV Inc., and Hoover by Griggs, Mustang Don's and Bath County Collision.

A special note of thanks to Cobalt Brakes, Bob Woodman Tire and True Blue Racing for supporting the event not only at the track but by providing a race purse of $4,800.00 between the three of them. It is great to have supporters like these behind the American Iron series. A note of thanks also to Maximum Motorsports, Griggs Racing and Kenny Brown (choosing this weekend, incidentally to announce their generous contingency program for supporting the series the next year--WELCOME, and thank you for lunch Saturday!) for making the long trek to the event to support the American Iron racers.

It should be noted that this entire event was put together with but 6 weeks notice. That everything came together and worked so well is a testament to the dedication of the racers and all the sponsors involved

Overall a tremendous time was had by all. The racing was tremendous, all who watched and participated had fun and impressively, there was no bent sheetmetal with 35 cars on track at any given time! Congratulations to not only the event winners but to every racer for a job well done and thanks for a tremendous show!


I have put the pertinent section in bold. I am not sure how the powers that be want to handle this, but this supports my memory that the VIR lap record was indeed thrown down by Guy Cunningham back in 2003.

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Jay, you're right I overlooked that.


Perhaps Cobetto still has the results from that weekend as they were run under his NASA-MA banner.

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That would have been set in the "pre-torque limit" days of AI, not that it matters for purposes of lap records, since those were the rules back then. Hopefully someone can dig up the official results from the race to see if he repeated a 2.09. It definitely sets a new target either way.

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I believe that almost every professional racing track record held is a qualifying record.

Practice laps are generally considered "unofficial" lap records. Qualifying is considered part of the official race record and therefore a track record in qualifying would be considered an official lap time.

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I believe that almost every professional racing track record held is a qualifying record.

Practice laps are generally considered "unofficial" lap records. Qualifying is considered part of the official race record and therefore a track record in qualifying would be considered an official lap time.


That maybe true in many "professional" series but we are "amateurs" and per the CCR:


21.7 Lap Record

A lap record will only become official when the NASA office publishes it with as the

“Official Lap Record.” A lap record will only be valid when set during a race. A lap

record set with a vehicle that has been found illegal in impound for that race, will not


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Man you travel on bsuiness for several days and you come back to first excitement than a dohhh than excitement than a dohh.


In 2003 there was no trq limit but if it was done during the race it is legit.


I agree with Jay that a sub 2:10 is very possible as the race on sunday was post tons of rain and a less than ideal track. However temps were good so my guess is a 2:09 is doable but under that would be tough.


Jay and I nailed that last lap and I would love to say I messed up a turn or two and had tons more in it but damn that was as clos to a full on no error lap on that long course I am going to see.


Key is the southern track records can only really be broken I think in the spring and fall races. It's hard to run quicker in 100 degree heat vs. sunny but only 40's.

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