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AI and AIX Rentals Avaialble w/ Rehagen Racing


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Rehagen Racing will have AI and AIX cars available to rent throughout the season. These will be professionally prepared and crewed cars. Please contact Dean Martin at [email protected] or visit our site at www.rehagenracing.com for a link.


We are also currently building a CMC2 car that will be available around June 1 (maybe sooner).


We are also finishing up our final development of our Rehagen Racing RR46C club racer that is a perfect fit for AI. It is 355HP and weighs in at 3150 without driver or fuel. This car has been extensively developed which includes suspension tuning on a 4-post shaker rig at Multimatic Motorsports (the car uses Dynamic Suspensions dampers). To find out more about these cars, please check us out at the track. It will be at Mid Ohio over Easter weekend, and at the Mustang 45th anniversary at Barber Motorsports Park the following weekend.

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Dean, PM me about perhaps renting the following.


Road America - AI end of April event.


More importantly maybe a mustang challenge race. The schedule and available seats werent on your website.




Seperately my car is an ex rehagen racing grand am car and let me tell you it has been nothing but fantastic.


The purchase experience was great and I would buy another car from them in a heartbeat!!

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Dean, I wish you luck with your rental buisiness, I hope the service you provide is better than the service you give with your EBAY sales buisiness.



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